Have you decided to install Solar System on your rooftop in Pune or are you still thinking about it?

How about we start with you answering these 2 simple questions:

  1. Would you like to have your own power plant that gives you cheaper electricity than your power company?
  2. Would you like if the electricity that you produce is also clean & environment friendly?

If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes” and you are already convinced about the concept of generating cheaper electricity through your own Solar Power Plant, then you can give us a call right away and we will help you with Solar System installation at your home in Pune in a hassle free way.

If, however, you want to know more about the working of a Solar System, read on. Please bear with us and read through till the end. We are sure that most of your doubts will be cleared about how a Solar System works. You will also know about the hassle free way of installing Solar at your home in Pune.

Now, let us first understand how the whole system works and why it makes perfect sense to you to go solar.

Simply put, a solar system makes electricity from the sunlight. Solar-powered photovoltaic (PV) panels convert falling sun rays into electricity by active electrons in silicon cells using the photons of light from the sun. You can use this generated electricity to run appliances at your home, just like the normal electricity that you get from your power company.

On-Grid System is a solar power system that is tied to the electricity grid of the power company (eg. BSES). It works on Net Metering system wherein you use the power units generated by your Solar System first and you purchase extra required units from the power company. You can run all your appliances in this system without worrying about the capacity constraints of your system. This system is most useful in urban areas where Net Metering policy is in place.

Off-Grid system is an independent solar power system that requires a battery back-up. The power generated during the day gets stored in the batteries and you can use the stored power during the whole day and night. This system is independent of the state electricity grid. In this system, your consumption will be constrained by the capacity of the solar generation system and batteries. An off-grid system is most suited in remote areas where grid connectivity is not available.

Hybrid System is a combination of on-grid and off-grid system. This solar power system is tied to the electricity grid and also has a battery back-up. This is a slightly more expensive system and is most suited in areas that although are connected to the grid but have huge power cuts.

Net Metering

Net metering is a real-time power accounting system that accounts for the power generated by your roof-top solar system and the power supplied by your power company.This accounting is done by a special electricity meter which is called as Net Meter. See the illustration below.

Net Metering Policy in Pune

Under Net Metering policy of Pune, electricity generated by the Roof Top Solar installation is first used by the customer and the balance if any is exported to the Grid.

For instance, sometimes if you are not using much power (eg. you are at work or you are out on a vacation), the solar system will still make electricity. This surplus energy (units) will be supplied to the grid and it will be credited in your account.

So, at times when you are consuming more energy than you are generating (eg. at night or during peak consumption times) you will first exhaust your credit. The power company will bill you only for the extra consumption over and above any power generated by your Solar System.

In case, your system generates surplus power which remains unadjusted at the end of the financial year, power company (BSES) will pay you @ DISCOM’s average power purchase price of that Financial Year as per DERC regulation.

Hassle Free Way of Going Solar – The Zolt Way

Step 1 Roof Visit & System Sizing

Our Solar consultant will visit your house, inspect the roof to conduct afeasibilitycheck and suggest the right system size based on your electricity consumption pattern.

Step 2: Getting Approvals

Once, you give us a go-ahead, we take all approvals on your behalf. We do the complete liaison work with the DISCOM (BSES) that includes application registration & documents verification, feasibility inspection by DISCOM and Net Metering Approval.

Step 3: System Installation

Upon getting approvals from DISCOM, we install the Solar System on your rooftop. Our systems are among the highest power generating systems in Delhi. We offer system generation guarantee and panel performance warranty.

Step 4: System Commissioning & Handover

After the installation, we get connection agreement from DISCOM to commission the system. We then handover the system to you along with the operating manual and warranty certificates.

Step 5: Remote Monitoring & Maintenance

Our systems also come with remote monitoring devices through which you can track your energy generation from anywhere on your mobile. We also offer free maintenance post installation.

Happy Customers

Ms. Farah Batool

We saw the installation at a friend’s place and we felt it was cost effective and space effective. Zolt looked at our space and provided the best solution for us.

Dr. Kuhar

My bill payment was Zero. Which means, I have generated my own clean energy that is consumed in my household. I had to just show my roof and the rest was done by Zolt.

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